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Orphan Request!

Request from Orgphan Child Please Help me in my education I want to become Doctor

Medical Request

My friend Mahmood of Ghouta needs to see the world with one eye. A $ 5,000 process is now in Turkey waiting money Need help No eyes no hands

Medical Request

Okay so I want to start off by saying I’m a Friend trying to help a friend out! Okay so I have watched Amanda Tittle go through so much over the past year and half. She was told after going to the hospital after passing out at work that she was being admitted into the hospital because her thyroid was storming. Her blood pressure was up and all her vitals were all over the place. She then had the doctor come in and tell her that she had to stay in the hospital for 5 days.

A Humble Request!

"Mrs sehrish wijdan" is in very critical condition in aga khan hospital .she shot due by robbers. bullet injured multiple organs n stuck in her spine. Some amount has been arranged but she is going to need surgeries. Your help with arranging around Rs 2 million is needed. Her husband is currently jobless and has invested all he can plus relatives are also helping out. Your financial support is humbly requested (what ever amount you can easily donate for this cause) Jazak ALLAH.  M R no 204-86-25b PTN Name SEHERISH WIJDAN ph 03222211323

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